• "Metamorphose" 2011Video link:

    Métamorphose is a short work for orchestra, mixed choir and qanoun solo. It describes the post-revolution period in Egypt with its uncertainty and instability, but also the sometimes interrupted, but never dying, hopes for a better future. To portray the complex Egyptian culture reaching back thousands of years, and the distinctive identity of its people, the qanoun is used.
    The work opens with a short, glorious introduction representing the day of the fall of the old regime, carrying in it dreams and aspirations for a new beginning; dissonance and chaos follow, with stolen joy and rising fears as hundreds of martyrs start falling. The piece continues to describe the battle between pro- and anti-revolution powers, reaching a conclusion in which the choir sings in majestic unison, with a beam of light coming from above: the hand of God will guide the change if we only believe.
  • "La Philosophie de la vie" 2005A work on the Poem of Elie Abou Madi
    For Mixed Choir,FemaleTraditional Arabic singer
    Percussions and Two Pianos.